As I sipped my coffee and watched the rain drench the earth, I thought on the goodness of God

I attended a church yesterday and was given a copy of Our Daily Bread (a sure sign that I have reached the status of “grown up” as my only interaction with this devotional tool has been seeing it in the company of my parents!). As I flipped through it this morning, I came across and read a devotional entitled, “Because” based on Job 2. The author of this devotional had this to say:
… it also made me think about the way I relate to God. Do I love and trust Him just because of what He does for me? What about when the blessings disappear?… Job’s affection for his heavenly Father didn’t depend on a tidy solution to his problems. Rather, he loved and trusted God because of all that He is. Job said, “God is wise in heart and mighty in strength” (9:4). Our love for God must not be based solely on His blessings but because of who He is. – Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Shall we accept the good from God
But fuss when trials are in sight?
Not if our love is focused on
The One who always does what’s right. – Sper 

I am constantly overwhelmed as I continue to search and learn about God- how he is persistent in providing encouragement and exactly what I need as I search. I am experiencing scriptures come to life: Proverbs 2:1-8
(I am by no means suggesting that I have reached full understanding and wisdom and knowledge of scriptures or of the Lord, only that this has been my desire for the last few days and it is amazing me to see this scripture be fulfilled at the present time in my life- as I seek after God, he is making himself known.)


So, as I sat on the porch and watched the rain fall, held my cup of coffee and listened to Jesus Culture sing You Won’t Relent, I noticed that this morning has already been bombarded with need- need for prayer for others, need of my time, need of God.

God has given me time- to pray for others, to learn the discipline of prayer, to be the intercessor praying on other’s behalf- for them and with them.

What a humbling place to be.

In the wake of what I have been learning, I find that the lessons not only have meaning, but purpose. I can see the goodness of God in the need of those around me, in the need I have of him.  I can pray that his goodness be revealed in their lives and my life; because it is difficult to see through the trials and pain and the present moment… and no one should sing songs to someone who has a heavy heart (Proverbs 25:20). So that leaves me to pray.

What a humbling place to be.


But I can also feel the resistance to this time and discipline- I can see it in my interactions and thoughts, being distracted, being irritated.

God has called me to more than that. He is bigger and louder and more powerful than the distractions and the irritations and… well, me.


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