like a pineapple

I bought my first pineapple yesterday. I cut up that pineapple today. That was tough work! That led me to think about it as an analogy: I wonder if I can be compared to a pineapple- interesting to look at, difficult to hold and presents as a challenge to get to the good stuff… I used to be like this. I have been working to take down my defenses. However, my friend that I met last week shared that “I think if you could be more open, it would be a beautiful thing.” Seems as if I have more work to do to cut off my own defenses so others do not have to work as hard. 

Also, facebook does two things: 1) it gives glimpses- and only the glimpses I allow it to give; therefore presenting only the best of me, which tends to give a false impression of my life, 2) it allows me to go back- easily, concisely, and accessibly- to see where I’ve been and who I’ve been in the recent past. My, how time does go by…


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