want v need

When we get our needs confused with wants, this leads to a confused idea about who God is. When we think we ‘need’ something and do not see the Lord provide that ‘need,’ we can become indignant and become hardhearted. (Yes, God, clearly I need a new car. How can you not see that and provide for my need?) I believe it is ok to be angry with God, to voice your thoughts and feelings- he knows them anyway- voicing them allows you to be honest with yourself about where you stand. But, like any healthy confrontation, also be prepared to listen to God’s response. What would it be like to hear him respond? (Well, Andrea, maybe I will provide a new car for you, but maybe I want you to learn how to ask for help- have you asked for help from those around you?)

Also, God does not just want to do for us, he wants us to seek after him for who he is and not just what he can do for us. Time after time he invites us to seek him- Psalm 27, Jeremiah 29, etc. When we are in a place of frustration with God, what if we stopped asking for him to do and asked for him to be? How would that change your perspective? (God, I don’t know why I don’t have a new car, but I am trusting that what I have will be sufficient for what I need and that you are caring enough to not leave me stranded. I am trusting that you know more than I do about my situation. I am trusting that you are good and perhaps I need to learn humbleness and ask for help.)

I love how relational God is; he is not just rules to follow out of obedience or duty. I love that he acts and reacts to me. I love how inviting he is and how he is understanding of my humanness. 


At some point, I meant to make the distinction between bringing your needs to God v bringing your wants and calling them needs to God. My car works fine. I am not in need of a car. I would like one. I want a lot of things. If I would pay attention to my language, I would see that God is not holding out on me; I have an unreal perception of my predicament.

And regardless of my wants or my needs- both of them should point me to God, not to trust in anything material. Having a want, having a need- they both remind me that there are things outside of my control and within myself that can never fill me. There is a space that only the Lord is able to satisfy- and that is ok. I am made that way. Purposefully.



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