There are secret places in the hearts of women.

I wrote a little about this in a previous post. Then I wrote a nice metaphor about digging into yourself- which was nice, but there was no personal connection. You know, the juicy stuff people want in a post. The pouring out of your soul.

People want to connect. They want to know what gives people the authority to say what they do. They want to know what’s behind something- where did it come from. Look at the popularity of products like TOMS. Look at the increase in awareness of buying local. We are constantly bombarded with news and information- what makes one this stand out from the rest? A personal connection.

So, let me get personal.

I want to tell you about a secret place.

I crave physical closeness. This is an area I guarded most fiercely for such a long time people began to take note and not touch me. That barrier was shattered a few years ago by a loving friend. And by loving, I mean the kind who took no heed of barriers of personal space and burst personal bubbles with the biggest, loudest, strongest hugs- the kind that make you feel warm and cozy inside.

That was the beginning of the domino effect. Something was reached deep within me. A chord match was struck that started a burning.

Fast forward. Enter my recent past and a relationship with someone who loves physical touch. It was like… a fire- warm, bright, (sizzling), comforting.

There is no replacement for this kind of touch. There are no stand-ins. There are echos of this felt in friendships. There are shadows of this felt in meeting new people. But these are dim comparisons. But they offer some warmth. They give some light. And they remind me- I desire connection. I desire to feel. I am awakened to this need. And I am blessed to have opportunities to feel and give light.


But if we’re being honest, and we are, there is no friendship or relationship that can fill the place of romance. That is a deep and tender place friends are invited to see, but cannot participate. And this life is a team sport.


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