It’s all fun and games

I have seen a trend on social media (aka, facebook) lately.

There are fun quizzes to tell you what Disney Princess you are and what Avenger you would be. There are quizzes to tell you what profession you should be and what decade you should live in. Quizzes that reveal where you should really be living and what character you would be in a story.

So far, I am Mulan and would be Dr. Druid (?). I would be the Vice President living in the 90s. I should be living in Los Angeles and would be Harry Potter and Rue in the Hunger Games.

These are fun quizzes and certainly nothing new (anyone remember Seventeen Magazine full of quizzes telling us similar things – only it was on paper and we had to use pencil to change the answers instead of refreshing the website).

And it’s all fun and games.

I have also been reading news posted via social media (aka, facebook) and sent directly by those who keep better tabs on the world than I do. News about legislation change (or at least the interpretation of legislation) in Main, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, just to cite a few. And this is not just in the US, but in Europe as well.

It does not get the same attention on facebook because it is not fun, it is not heartwarming, you cannot change it by refreshing the page and it feels like it has nothing to do with me.

I fear we are allowing ourselves to be trained – slowly and meticulously – to give our concerns away to the lowest bidder. We devote ourselves to that which takes the least amount of time and/or feeling and to what will give us the most immediate sensation of a reward.

We are becoming a culture who base our logic on entertainment and confuse our rights with our votes.

Tell me what to be

Tell me who I am

Tell me all about me

It must be true because I chose the answers

It must be right because I voted

The most jarring for me was a list of names: one list told me I was crazy and another list told me I would not make a good wife. I can poke fun at these lists but the truth is – they are advertising what I fear.

The truth is, name-calling hurts worse when it’s your own name used in connection to something you fear.

So give me a Princess name and explain why I should be the Vice President. Let me laugh at the lists my name shows up on.

Keep me distracted with the topics related to me. Give me a distraction to avoid the fear. Let me spend my life 5 minutes at a time casting votes that have nothing to do with any actual change.

All the while the world continues to turn upside down- what was wrong has become a right and what was bad has become normal.

God save us.

From ourselves.


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