Be Careful

Have you had those times when you felt the exhaustion begin to weigh heavy on you? Or the weakness creep through your veins as you lose your grip on whatever you were holding whether that is a keyboard, phone, grudge, plans, hopes…

So often we want to fill up these places with something that makes us feel better, run faster, keep going.

But the emptiness and the exhaustion mean something.

There is a reason this feeling exists. Maybe it means there is something that needs to be addressed in your life; a habit that needs to discontinue or one that needs to start. That may mean going to bed sooner, exercising or eating healthy. That may mean you are in a season of unusualness and there is something to pay attention to; what is it?

When we try to push through, we miss this. When we treat this time of weakness with caffeine and sugar, we are not caring for ourselves; we are not careful with ourselves. We may be feeding our weakness but not nourishing ourselves.


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