follow the leader

yes, we are real
sometimes too real
sometimes less real
sometimes as real as the words
sometimes as real as the meaning of those words

we’re a hot mess
we’re as perfect as a pinterest board

we know there is not “the one” and having kissed dating goodbye may have halted our understanding of the healthy aspect of building relationships

we are loud and strong
we are quiet and strong

we are extroverted and only the extroverts will undertand some of these things
we are introverts and only introverts will understand some of these things

we like Harry Potter
we like Mark Driscoll
(we may even like Joel Osteen)

we will find ways to express who we are because we are all screaming how different we are and in these expressions we find something that resonates – something that reminds us of ourselves and suddenly we do not seem so alone in who we are

in this, it is important to also remember we are all together too
and we are all together in this

I need the pinerest people and I need the extroverts
because I am the hot mess and the introvert

I need those who use the simple words because I can get lost in words
I even need those who follow Joel Osteen because I need to know why I don’t

all-in-all  we are all trying to find our way – but we are getting lost because we keep thinking that we are so different and we begin to follow the leader who tends to be the one who writes the prettiest or laughs the loudest

when the leader should be Jesus and the questions should be – am I following Him? am I becoming more like him?

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