Making the connection

In a culture that lives and breathes a mantra of independence, we are drowning in the idea that desiring and seeking relationship means we are weak and needy; that we are not satisfied single or not able to take care of ourselves or not ______ (fill in whatever it is for you).

However, seeking relationship does not make you needy; it means you are intentional.
You are made needy; that is the design of being human.
Making the need for relationship your only source of motivation and focus could point to a drive that is motivated by selfishness rather than design, which looks like a neediness not intended.
I think generations before had this right – they sought relationship. That was even the expectation.
This expectation has been watered down through the years as we have romanticized independence and belittled relationships.

BAT caged
With the many ways we have accessible to be connected, we have lost the ability and expectation to connect.
Embrace the design, not the culture.
To do this, you must embrace the Creator and the creation.

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