Broken Beauty

What is beauty made for but to be seen?

Beauty is made to entice and draw in – to have an impact.

Beauty is also made to reflect – to display and radiate.

There is a beauty of the soul – those people who seem to radiate a sweetness and calm into bitter and dark places.

There is also a beauty molded by the Spirit and glories in the broken and worn out places.

But beauty has been abused – by both sexes – men who feel the right to take control and women who feel the right to flaunt and gain from it’s impacts, sometimes in an effort to combat the first abuse of men.

And the abuse makes beauty feel dangerous and unsafe and the fear creates a reaction of withdrawing of beauty.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to beauty – what is looks like, what it feels like to live and receive beauty, what it was inherently created for. I find that I tend to shy away from a physical presence of beauty but love the essence of the nature; that is, I deny the physical component – that I am beautiful – and tend to split the nature of beauty into a spiritual effect and rely and enjoy one component while rejecting the other.

I don’t have enough words or wisdom to break down this topic further, except to say that walking in the fallen state of the world is sometimes dangerous, but it does not mean there is not truth that echoes what we were created for – sometimes seen in the fire of a setting sun or the fire in the eyes of a woman who sees the world as it is and prays to see the world as He sees it.IMG_3281

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