All the Feels

Our generation/culture is afforded the luxury of self-awareness. The question, “How does that make you feel?” has become adopted into our vernacular and everyone is given the right to ask this question.

This question can lead to deeper understanding of how we process information and interactions.

The danger is that it has led us to believe that we are always right – because what we feel must be truer than the situation – and this leads to a culture of selfishness where everyone else must be wrong and must bend to meet our feelings.

Here’s the thing: your feelings are valid, but that does not mean they must to be true.

Your feelings are an indication; they are not meant to be the determination.

Don’t stop feeling all the feels. Emotions can be good.


Just stop allowing all the feels to be the sum total of what determines your reactions and your expectations. Because your reactions and expectations are the habits you practice that become who you are.

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