The Struggle Is Real

I struggle. Sometimes because I need to wrestle with what I feel plagues me, sometimes because I’m stubborn, sometimes because it makes me stronger and sometimes because I need to see how weak I am and that I am in need of a rescue I cannot achieve on my own.

The more I have struggled to figure out the next step, how to make the big picture happen, how to step into a great vision, the more I realize I don’t need to.

The world is already full.

It is full of people doing the great things. It’s full of people making big pictures happen. And I easily get caught in the comparison trap and then just as swiftly I am reminded I can run beside others without the need to compete.

But what I find is that the world will always be in need – that is the nature of the fallen world. And people will rise and fall – moments will come and go.

The world does not need another blogger, recipe, design, writer, speaker explaining how to be happy or find joy in hard places or how to fix their perspective or the five steps to fulfillment.

The world is saturated with this guidance.

The world needs more people living fully present in their own lives. Investing in their community, investing in their coworkers, investing in their roommates, investing in their cities, investing in their relationships, and investing in their families.

The world needs more people to be ok with being broken and not seeing the reason why. The world needs people to walk out faith – which more often than not means walking into the unknown with confidence in the only One who knows what has been, what is and what will be. Imagine what that looks like.

Most of all, I think the world needs people to be ok with being ok – not great, not happy – but ok. The world needs to see more of the brokenness and feel more need for a Savior.

If we are so busy seeking the next step and trying to be happy, we will be like dust in the wind – being blown here and there never settling, never sustaining, never accomplishing anything.

Jim Elliot is famous for giving up his life for what he believed was most important – and his words have echoed through generations. One such echo rings true still today: wherever you are, be all there.


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