The Best Four-Letter Words

I use four-letter words often.

On purpose.

With intention.

Because words, like actions, should be intentional.

four letter word

There are too many four-lettered words than I can count. Ironic how “four” is a four-letter word. As well as “word.” What makes the word “bad” or “good”?

The intention as well as the intension.

“Like” is a four-letter word as is “love.”

The difference between these two four-letter words is the difficulty.

It is easy to like something or someone; it is often hard to love the same.

I find that liking is a reaction to something you accept, desire, agree upon whereas love is a decision despite what you may accept, desire, agree upon.

Is it easy to love the person who chooses to hate or hurt you?

Is it easy to love the child who makes unwise choices?

I like a lot of things and a lot of people, as long as they meet my expectations. The minute my hopes crash into disappointment, the liking usually stops and there is a choice to stop my attachment with that feeling or to choose a deeper difficulty; to choose love.

To love.

The most misunderstood, misused four-letter word.

We expect love to be euphoric and to carry us through difficulty forgetting that love is sometimes the very difficulty we are going through.

Love is also the very thing Christians are called to.

What did love look like for Christ? To die for us – while we were yet sinners.

You know what else are a four-letter words?


And Fear.

Two of the biggest motivators of ideas and behavior.

Each four-letter word carries it’s own weight of difficulty, but the good ones are usually the most difficult, take the most effort, require the most humility, and yield the best result and relationships.

What if our four-letter words were intentional and full of intension? What four-letter word would best describe the posture of our actions and reactions?

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