We deserve Trump – he can make America great again


I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I can understand why he could seem to win the votes of so many. And I do not judge or blame those who did vote for him.

Even before the super-Tuesday (or, if you will, stupor –Tuesday) primary voting, it was clear: we deserve Trump.

When your game plan is, “do not let Trump win,” the plan will fail and he will win. It is not even a valiant effort for defeat.

Seeing the four other men stand up with Trump, choosing to divide the votes further instead of thinking of the greater good – the good of placing one opponent against Trump – the good of giving the crowds of people against Trump a clear chance of defeating him – for them to continue in their singular endeavor to win the election and reward the campaign givers and workers, is selfish.

Instead of collaborating, supporting, strategizing to present an opposition, they continued in their own efforts.

I don’t want them as a president either.

A few years ago, I had a sit-down with one of the smartest friends I have and she explained the entire government system to me; as much as could be. Can we collectively thank the Lord that this is an election for one person? That the office works with other offices? How are we overlooking the importance of those days at the poll?

I say that Trump could make America great again. He is evidence that we are a people who are engrossed with being entertained. He is evidence that we are a blind people who will follow the loudest voice. He is evidence that people want power no matter the cost.


When the body of America is faced with the clarity of their choice, we will hopefully be humbled while living in our humiliation. There is a scripture in the Bible about being humbled and returning to God. We first must be humbled. And Trump has my vote of confidence that he can do just that for the American people.

A friend of mine encouraged people to get out and vote yesterday. He also included this reminder and I could not help but be encouraged: but also if you believe in the power of Christ and God’s sovereignty then you have the duty to pray for those in authority (both current leaders and candidates) – 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

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