I am (a) woman. Hear me…

This has been a week. It has been every bit a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We began the week by remembering a man who stood up in a turbulent culture for the rights of people – to be people. That’s it. He spoke truth and he marched in protest and demonstration of the truth he spoke. His life is not remembered by the masses for his day-to-day activities, his short-comings, his questionable decisions; it is remembered because he was the face of something that looked foolish to the culture at the time but has proven to be great.

What could he dream of accomplishing by these actions and these words?

He spoke of a world that did not yet exist and, likely, will not ever exist.

We dream of a world of peace where people are seen, cared for, provided for; where people are equal in a sense that all are able to do what they want and have what they want; where people are kind to one another and are forgiving of the differences that may exist without having to participate in the giving of either kindness or forgiveness.

In the week, we saw a President leave his office standing side-by-side with the President who would take that office. In the same week, we saw women gather and march to declare many separate things, yet one thing: women want to be heard and they want to matter.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s actions and words were not new or unique. His words reflected the sanctity of life that America promised. His words reflected the ingrained hope and despair in our creation that people were created yet unfulfilled.

We continue to see that today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. With increasing angst, fear, determination, volume, and voice.

Because we can. We can march. We can shout. We can respond and refute.

We can cast the first stone and we can continue to tear at one another determined that we are each in the right to do so.

Do you realize what people are longing for? Do people realize what they are longing for?

The world we envision is not a reality. We cannot all serve our selves and each other.

There is a lot to be said for people who will step into a place of hostility, a place that may bridge a gap of justice. There is a lot to be said for people who chose to demonstrate their faith in an action of attending an event of powers changing hands and for those who demonstrate their faith in attending an event of voicing their concerns of what they see not yet right in this world.

And there is a lot to be said for the seeking and searching of both – the desire to want to be seen and heard.

Is this not a human desire?

We long for a perfection that we cannot have so we live in the tension of the place created in the hope and fatigue. We were created for perfection yet are graciously given the time to live on this broken earth for a span that will all-too-soon come to an end. We will sooner-than-later have the moment where we will earn that which our faith has been invested.

I understand I will not speak to masses, I will not reach ready ears, I will not address the hearts of the multitude because people are vastly different and I have led a relatively quiet, comfortable, protected life. I have not had to fight for much. I have not had to defend much. My struggles have been limited. I realize that I am both the majority and the minority in many ways. I am unrelatable yet I may be the most common type of woman.

In a culture that demands to be heard, I often do not compete. Not because I do not have anything to say; rather, I want to listen and even then I cannot say anything better that what I believe to be true, which is becoming more offensive in our culture of self-evident truth.

We were created by God for his delight, for his glory. Eve, not Adam, was led astray; Eve sinned by not trusting God. Adam, in his overseeing and oversight, allowed this. We as women have been let down by men ever since. We as women have been trying to overcome man ever since. We struggle to be just like men – we want so much to be considered an equal that we relinquish our created uniqueness to level the playing field not realizing that we have given up the most precious gift we have; that of being created in the image of God as a  woman.


My heart does not rest in the marches or the masses. My head does not hit my pillow in sleep because of who the President is at this time. My soul does not sit in peace because I am an American or a woman.

There is a surrendering of the will that is not a weakness but is a strength and creates a trust, an acceptance, that my God is big enough, powerful enough, willing enough, loving enough, just enough, right enough – that he is enough – despite what the world looks like.

This world was not made to last forever. My God does. He was before time and will be after time ends. My view is on the everlasting while realizing that today there is just cause to be attentive.

Dear Women, you are loved, you are valued, you were created with purpose and on purpose.
Dear Men, you are loved, you are valued, you were created with purpose and on purpose.
Dear People, you are loved, you are valued, you were created with purpose and on purpose.

I can not explain to you everything about God – why he does and allows things to happen, his plans for our nation and our future, his perfection and glory. There is a lot I don’t know. Yet what I do know is this: he is good, he is faithful, he is just, he is the best god I can know and I can choose to serve.


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